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As much as a new shower curtain may brighten up your bathroom, there will seem to be an imbalance when it is not matching with your bathroom curtains. Curtains & blinds make a room more colorful but sometimes it's not enough stopping at changing the design of your curtains. Blinds ready made are available in standard sizes, but like curtains made to measure blinds can also be custom-ordered.

Mismatched upholstery can give a room a chaotic look. To get the best results in a room, made to measure curtains accessories, which include curtain poles, blinds, valances, tiebacks and trimmings, can inevitably offer a more coordinated look. Ready made blinds, such as the chic Roman blinds, do not come with accessories. Roman blinds, however, can be fitted with curtains ready made for a layered look.

When you purchase curtains made to measure, there are various accessories that you can also buy that will suit your curtains. For instance, a new curtain pole will match your new curtains excellently rather than a dull curtain rod whose finishing is peeling off.

Available in either metal or wood, curtain poles are one of those little things that will transform your room from good to gorgeous. Curtain poles include silver, gold, brass, copper and steel rods for metal curtain poles while the wooden rods have timber finishes of pine or natural oak.

More so, there are both simple and elaborate designs for the finial that will be at the end of your curtain rod. These styles include a tapered end, an elegant ball, a crystal or a very decorative metalwork piece. Prior to purchasing a curtain pole, ensure that you have the correct measurements that will fit perfectly in your window.

Filled scatter cushions are decorative pillows that you can scatter around your living room couches. The cushions have a fabric cover that match your made to measure curtains, or whatever fabric design you specify. At an average size of 46x46 centimeters (18x18 inches), scatter cushions come in multiple designs, colors and fabrics, with each cushion having padded inners.

A plainly decorated room that also has plainly decorated pillows may need a "face lift". If you have your own pillows yet you want to create new covers for them, you can purchase cushion covers that will instantly update the d├ęcor of your room. Cushion covers are made to measure, and you can select from a large variety if fabrics, sizes, and designs.

One of the finishing touches after you hang your curtains is the valance. Valances are independent of a curtain, hanging alone separately on a track or rod over the curtains. Unlike made to measure curtains, valances cannot be drawn back to open or close them; they are a decorative piece that compliment your curtains. Valances are made to measure, which means that they are customized to meet your exact specifications and measurements. These options you can choose from include the shape of the valance, the style and the heading.

Both decorative and functional, curtain tiebacks secure your curtains when you draw them back from windows to bring in light and fresh air. Unlike ready made blinds that control the amount of light, air and view, tiebacks are used to hold back the open curtain. Also known as "hold backs", curtain tiebacks can be adopted from different styles and designs that are both simple and complex. These range from tiebacks that are pleated, sash, braided or fringe, and those with frilled edges. It is best to choose a tieback that fits the design and style of your curtains, so as to fully create that coordinated, harmonious look you are going for.

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