Tips and Tricks for Choosing Carpeting

Many interior design enthusiasts have flooring preferences: hardwood, tile, carpeting and so forth. Carpeting is a great choice because it can be seamlessly blended into a number of decorating ideas. However, when choosing carpeting, it's important to consider a number of variations. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider when choosing carpeting for your bedroom designs, living room designs and other rooms in your home.
Carpeting is only as good as the padding underneath it. Though you won't need to blend the padding into your living room designs or bedroom designs, you should put a lot of consideration into it. Padding will effect how the carpet feels on your feet. Inadequate padding can result in carpet that wears down quicker or carpet that feels stiff and hard beneath the feet.
Shop Around
Carpeting comes in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. This makes it a great option for blending into various interior design styles. That being said, with so many choices, there are also a number of different price ranges for carpeting. When you find the carpet of your dreams, take down the model number and do a little shopping around. You may find that same carpet on sale elsewhere for a fraction of the cost, thus saving you a great deal of money.
All Carpets Are Not Created Equal
Many people are under the misconception that aside from color, all carpeting is created equal. This isn't true, there are cotton blend carpets, polyester carpets, wool carpets and more. Different types of blends and materials mean different manufacturing techniques and so forth. Keep this in mind when looking at "inexpensive" carpets, as "inexpensive" can also translate to poor materials or poor manufacturing.
Take Note of Maintenance
Sure, the carpet you found blends perfectly with your bedroom designs, living room designs, game room designs or other rooms in your home, but can you put the effort into maintaining it? You may find that the perfect cotton blend carpet you've found isn't very stain resistant and may not work for your children and pets. Always take note of the type of maintenance a carpet requires, as otherwise you'll end up purchasing a carpet that you cannot keep clean or cannot withstand the wear and tear of your home life.
Many carpet stores offer large samples that you can either purchase or they can loan out to you on a deposit (or for free, depending on the store). Don't be afraid to ask for samples and take them how to see how they'll look in your space. Good interior design is flexible and your carpet should be just as flexible. If you're only updating your flooring, you'll want to see that it blends into your existing home decor.
Remember, there are thousands of different carpet options and thousands of different stores and online retailers. Don't settle for your options at the first store. Don't be afraid to shop around and don't be afraid to ask for samples! After all, you want your carpeting to match your interior design style and you can easily do that with a little bit of hard work and shopping around.
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