Setting the Tone: Painting Environments With Tree Wall Decals

How do you know what you want to keep in certain parts of your house? Surprisingly, necessity generally trumps inclination. The functions your guests, family members or pets will use a each space for dictate good design in those areas. Without considering foot-traffic, routine activities and the accessories people bring along, you'll have a hard time making your room useful. The same applies to decoration.

Your choice of decor may indeed say much about you, but in these-forward thinking times, you shouldn't take that personally. Instead, tailor your choice of decor to reflect the things you'd like to say about yourself. Make sense of your personal space by transforming it into something that reflects your most relaxing, innermost thoughts.

Of course, you need to respect the prime component of good placement, which is simplicity. Naturalistic designs and basic concepts keep us calm. The primal forests from which we all hail are great examples of naturalistic designs that have a calming effect. While we may not want to have to spend a night deep in the jungle, none can deny the beauty of forest images. These elementary scenes, found in photos, hangings or tree wall decals, strike our visual senses.

Remember also that good placement involves space. This is why a tree wall decal is a much more versatile decor than other art forms. Paintings, photos and hangings all cost far more than any similarly-sized, easily installed tree wall decal. Even though some traditional artworks can be repositioned with greater ease, they're still largely limited. A rectangular painting, for instance, can only hang so many ways and still fit with the room.

Tree wall decals provide an endless array of design potential that other forms of wall art lack. Decals are easy to put up, even without any artistic experience. This means that anyone can use personalize their rooms to the extent they choose. A forest hanging upside-down from your ceiling may not seem conventional, but as art goes, you can do whatever you please.

In a few minutes, the motivated, self-discovering decorator can use a tree wall decal to turn any wall into an arboreal adventure. Decals work like stickers, albeit on a wider scale. As long as the target space is clean, and relatively debris-free, decals can be positioned with little fuss and few lumps. For parents on the go, decal-decorating is a hot new trend that can't get enough popularity.

Forest and tree wall decals are a great way to enhance the calm undertones you want to cultivate at home. Take some time to think about how much nicer those oddly unused wall spaces in your home might look with the addition of some smooth green imagery. You might find a decal that makes a perfect match.

Ali Abrahimia, who owns the Nashville based company Walls Need Love, recently created an entire line of new tree wall decals. Ali has spent years perfecting Walls Need Love's product line and finds great enjoyment in producing high quality art that is capable of transforming living spaces and homes. Each tree wall decal is unique and the designs range from modern to traditional.

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