The Many Uses For Native American Kiva Ladders

Native American kiva ladders will bring the unique flavor of the southwest into your home. You have probably seen pictures of the beautiful cave dwellings of the Hopi and Anasazi Indians. Traditionally, the ladders were used to access their homes and to climb from level to level once inside. Now that these ladders are no longer used for practical purposes in everyday Indian life, they can be used extensively in home decor. You will find countless decorating options available to you using these beautiful ladders.
One great way to use Indian kiva ladders in your home is to decorate them with beautiful items. You could hang bundles of dried flowers on the rungs of the ladder. You could also use beautifully colored silk ribbons to add splashes of color to your ladder. It will also work well to add southwestern touches to this piece such as colorful woven rugs or tapestries. Feathers and Native American beading would be a nice accent for these ladders.
Other furniture pieces can be constructed from a couple of these kiva ladders. Two placed side by side can be turned into a simple bookcase by placing a few shelves on the rungs. By adding a few little hooks before hanging the ladder on the wall, it can be turned into a jewelry rack. Place one in your bathroom to hang towels. Start thinking creatively and see where you can use these rustic Native American pieces in your home.
Even undecorated, they look awesome. You could hang one on the wall or prop it up in a corner. Other Native American pieces can be accented by one of these crude ladders. Place a few pieces of southwestern pottery on the ground near your ladder. You could also display your ladder near an Indian painted drum or other pieces that you have in your home. You will find that these are a very versatile piece that will beautifully integrate into your home decor.
Many people love these simple traditional Indian ladders. They are made with logs that are prepared by hand. Generally the bark on the outside of the log is removed by hand using a simple scraping process. Then the rungs of the ladder are each notched so that they can easily fit into their place on the poles. Once the rungs are ready, they are fastened into place using thin strips of leather or rawhide. The finished ladder will be wider at the base and slightly narrower at the top.
You can decorate your home in many unique and creative ways using southwest Indian kiva ladders. You'll find endless ways to decorate with these practical ladders by just keeping an open and creative mind.
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