Tips for Using Candle Light to Create an Ambiance in Any Room

I love using candle light to create an ambiance in any room in my home. Even before I got married I would pull out a candle when I made dinners for dates or I would have them in my living room or bedroom to set a mood or just change-up the ambiance a bit. For me, there is just something magical about lower light levels. My favorite time of the day is just before dawn or just after the sun sets and the light bounces off the clouds making the world seem a bit more orange. I feel that candles in my house can create the same effects.
There are three main components to a candle creating an ambiance in a room.
In a quiet room the flicker of a flame candle is magical; perhaps even a bit musical by the way it creates shapes and shadows as it flickers. Physically lower light levels causes your eyes to dilate which has been proven to increase attraction levels between interested parties and when you couple that with the gentle dance of the light the mood can become mesmerizing.
The light of a candle can also become an accent. Placing a candle in a corner as an accent can warm up a room's ambiance, draw attention to a particular feature of the room, or it can be a center piece for conversation or gatherings. For this use I like to use wickless candle products. While you may lose the flickering light levels, you gain safety, stability, reliability, and new decorating options.
Fragrance or Aroma
The second element about candles is the aroma they produce. And today's chemists can reproduce so many concoctions there is always a scent out there that can help create your desired ambiance. Personally I like the mint and fruit based scents, but you can easily find spice, cinnamon, floral, sweet, and even some scents specially created to remind you of a particular season of the year.
You can choose between flames, wickless or oil based systems to deliver the scents to a room. You can mix and match scents around your home to create different ambiances and can even use them together to create your own custom scent.
I have found that wickless warmers have the advantage here because you can easily change out the waxes or combine them when you want to customize or experiment with the scents.
The third element about using candles to create an ambiance in any room is the container of the candle.
Flame candles mostly come in jars with either some decorative glasswork or, more commonly, a sticker of some kind on the jar.
Wickless candle systems have many different styles to choose from and I use these when I want to make the candle a center piece of a room. I think they add more to the room during the day when the light of the candle cannot make as much of an impact on my guests as the scent or the style of the warmer itself.
One last thing to consider would be safety. If you have kids or pets that could knock over a flame candle you may want to stay away from them and go for the wickless varieties. I think this would also apply if you want to leave a candle burning while you are away from home so the aroma is waiting for you when you return.
So many different styles of candle products let you be as creative as you want and you can set any ambiance in any room of your home by using the elements of candle light, fragrance, and style. Have fun with your home and help expose people to bit of what makes you unique by using candles.
I love candles enough that I have started to share the experiences with friends and family. I'm partial to the wickless candles and enjoy the warmers and scents that Scentsy produces because of the little kids in my home and because I can take the warmers to work where they will not allow a flame based candle.
Check out the products Scentsy offers and have a great time decorating your home.
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