Redecorating a Small House

Are you thinking of redecorating your apartment because of all the clutter and disorder all around you? Does it drive you up the proverbial wall every time you search for something and cannot find it? If yes, then read on...

A house that is in disarray can be very inconvenient especially when you are in a hurry to take care of your family's needs and at the same time try to make it on time to work. A small house or an apartment can be home to a lot of clutter if not taken care of on time.

Organizing your house requires some planning but wouldn't it be worth it to have a convenient house than an inconvenient one? Time spent planning and keeping things in place will be well worth it and it will be not before long that you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Planning involves:

Understanding what is necessary in terms of items in the house such as accessories, area rugs, lamps and furniture, for all the members and by discarding the useless things.

Learning how to put and organize every thing in its place.

Checking out utility items and home improvement products so that the daily running of the house goes on smoothly.

Checking out items that will in effect make the house look better and bring about a transformation.

Once your plans are in place working them out will not be a cakewalk all the way. In the initial stage it would be better to get all the family members involved to check out what can be kept and where.

A simple thing like a sofa-cum-bed with enough storage space for bed sheets, beddings and pillows, can save a lot of space in a small house and would be very handy if guest came to stay.

Colorful baskets can be kept for toys to make it easy for children to put back after play. Also bunk beds with drawers at the bottom would allow them enough room to play and also provide plenty of storage space to keep books, bags, clothes and other trivia that tend to clutter up the place.

Wall cupboards for clothes, utensils, food containers, books and shoes should leave enough floor space in each room. Shelves should be used to display artifacts, portraits, trophies, toys and other curios.

Now that most of the stuff is put in its place a slight touch up could transform your place. Putting up semi transparent curtains will keep the place looking bright and airy. Avoid dark, heavy curtains that can make the room look even smaller. Use pastel colors for your sofa covers and add a punch of color with colorful small-sized cushions strewn all over them.

Area rugs are a versatile home decor element that look perfect in any size room. A large, light colored rug will immediately make the room look far more spacious whereas a smaller-sized colorful rug will add zest and energy to the room and liven it up. Which one you choose depends on the effect you aim to achieve.

Lighting is very important in a small place; if a room is well lit it will tend to look big and bright. Mirrors, too, tend to extend the room; one single mirror placed at a proper angle would be enough to add to the effect.

Now that you have everything organized wouldn't it be lovely to just relax, satisfied with all your creativity enjoying the fruit of your hard work.

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