Give Your Home A Continental Look With Shutters

The appeal of the continental look is a familiar one, whether seen in the architecture of commercial buildings or domestically in the home. One way to instantly achieve this look is to apply wooden shutters to the windows. Inside or outside, added to existing windows or fitted as built-in features during initial construction, the wooden shutter is a versatile decorating feature that comes with tremendous utility as well.

Shutters historically have been useful in keeping the harsh weather conditions from infiltrating the comfort of a cozy, warm interior. Perhaps this is what has added to their sympathetic reputation. Today's modern wooden shutter applications provide the dual ability to regulate temperature as well as the level of light. Of all the design elements that can make an impact on interior design, there is none that makes as much of a difference as lighting.

Shuttered lighting is controlled directionally by adjusting louvered slats. A fabulous filtered effect can be easily achieved, as can bright light when needed, notwithstanding the evidence that harsh light has a negative effect on worker productivity. Enjoy the effect of recessed lighting or use the feature of dual adjustment through a tiered shutter to allow partial lighting at certain hours of the day. This ability to control the light levels through adjustable shutter slats is what tends to leave a welcome impression and a high degree of satisfaction within the interior environment, both of which are lasting effects.

Most people realise the extra protection of privacy when enjoying the quaint and homey effects of wooden shutters. The warm light that streams from the windows in the evenings will draw the curiosity of those passing by while occupants enjoy knowing their privacy is not being randomly invaded. By making an adjustment, inhabitants can view those outside without a risk of being seen.

Another advantage of the wooden shutter is how easily it can be painted to suit the style or achieve the "feel" that is desired, whether matching a theme or concept or the flatware in the kitchen. The classic French Continental feel is merely a paint brush away. Incorporating the French influenced style of shabby chic is easily achieved utilising reclaimed furniture pieces with a mix of modern influences.

There are also stains that present further options in achieving the desired results where this interior design feature is capable of tying in so many aspects. There are those who simply choose to leave their louvered enclosures with that "unfinished look" enabling them to have the ultimate freedom of choice in decorating. Whether stained, painted, or left unfinished, the wooden shutter is a versatile decorating element that can singularly influence the look and feel of an occupied space with an enriching continental ambience. Their ability to fit perfectly into any decorating scheme lends the wooden shutter to being a classic feature of intrinsic property value.

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