Decorating Your Kid's Bedroom: How to Appeal To Both of You

It's difficult to ignore the fact that the nursery that was so perfect when you welcomed your bundle of joy into the world is just incredibly outdated and no longer works now that your son is getting older. Both the room and he are begging, almost daily, for a make over. The wallpaper of cute bunnies and frogs that comforted him as he slept in his crib and enveloped you with love as you read him bedtime stories isn't so cute when his friends tease him when they come over to play.

The problem is that he is begging you to decorate the walls in floor to ceiling renditions of all of his favorite dinosaurs and sleep in a huge brontosaurus bed. Not wishing to recreate a scary version of Danny and the Dinosaur you are wondering how you compromise. You want him to be as happy with his room in five years as he is today. With just a little more wisdom than your son has persuasive powers, you can make sure that both of you are happy.

Below are a few suggestions to try that should get you on your way:


Paint is the least expensive, yet most dramatic decoration you can buy. The great thing about it is that if it becomes passé once your son matures, you can just paint over it. Consider his favorite color, and paint the walls those colors. What's the harm? At this stage, it's likely to be reds, blues, beiges, browns, etc. If he wants each wall a different color, that's fine, too. That's very en vogue now, anyway. Once the walls are painted, you can find dinosaur posters at his favorite museum or on the Internet. Frame them, hang them and immediately, and without spending a lot of money, his room is transformed.


Once he sees how much he loves the transformation, he might be happy to forgo the brontosaurus bed. Themed sheets and a bedspread should certainly make him feel like he's walked through a time portal back to the age of the dinosaurs.

A Few Extra Touches

To complete the whole motif, you could find a few mobiles of both walking and flying dinosaurs that hang from the ceiling. Perhaps because he's been such a sport not to insist on the floor to ceiling brontosaurus, you could "reward" him with 6-foot tall stuffed one that stands in the corner of his room and only comes out when you aren't around.

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