Decorate Your University Room With Wall Stickers As A Non-Damaging Alternative To Posters

Wall sticker decals are the new innovation on the interior decoration scene, changing the way that people view room decoration and posters. With innovative designs walls are now a creative platform for all sorts of creativity to thrive. Acclaimed in many design magazines and on the internet it is definitely one to watch. With popularity originating in Europe the potential and creativity of wall stickers have hit the UK and US market with storm.

Become your own interior designer and transform your rooms ordinary to extraordinary with these unique stickers! Why stick to the standardised posters and fixed photo frames when wall stickers add flare, colour and personality to even the most obscure shaped room.

They can be used to adorn walls of all finishes from paint to wallpaper, furniture, doors and even windows. Changing any surface they are applied to. Perfect for university students and alike to change their otherwise uniform box into their own personalized home.

Designs from Uni Cube are each designed by graphic designers and interior designs so that they create a fashion driven and youthful design. With designs ranging from kitsch photo frames to mount photographs without damaging either the wall or the photo, to statue of liberty designs and music motifs.

These stickers are removable, repositionable, and reusable, you can apply them time after time without any hassle and mess that come with most other means of design. Unlike painting and affixing posters to your wall with can be time consuming and costly. Wall stickers ensure your walls remain mark free and clean. Consequently making sure that all safety deposits from your landlords are returned without any hassle. Making it a saving of hundreds of pounds, a factor that in this current economic market can make all the difference!

How do they work? They work on the basis of a non-toxic, non-damaging adhesive backing so you literally just just peel and stick to your walls. They don't leave any residue, mark or indication that they were even there. If you want to rearrange or move rooms literally remove and put them up again. Re-usability at its best.

Whether you are looking for a feature wall or to make your room more yours then wall stickers are definitely the way forward. Non-damaging, unique and reusable. Better than any poster you will pick up. With new designs constantly been added they will soon overtake the popularity of posters on affordability, cost-savvy and usage.

Alys Jones is apart of the creatives team at Uni Cube. We provide non-damaging wall stickers to revolutionise the way college and university students and new home owners decorate their rooms. Increasing creativity and saving much needed security deposits. Check us out at and on twitter @UniCubeLtd for more tips and ideas.

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