Dark Blinds Buying Guide - Features

When deciding which dark blinds to go for there are various features which you should consider which will affect your buying decision. Looking out for these features will confirm you pick the dark blind that is right for your home and that you don't incur lots of expensive costs with reordering, refitting and mounting blinds that you aren't satisfied with.

So when looking at dark shutters you should consider:

Material - the material your blind is produced from will affect how long the blind lasts, how it looks when it has been put up and how dark your shutter will be. Make sure to buy thicker, better quality materials and if your blind is made from fabric ensure it has blackout lining if darkness is an issue.

Darkness - some lighter coloured blinds actually block out more light than darker colour blinds, so it is not just the colour of the blinds that affect darkness. Make sure your blind is denoted as a blackout blind to ensure that it will keep your room free of light, which is more the case with lined roller blinds or no-gap wooden blinds.

Mounting - when buying a blind make sure it comes with all the mounting hardware you need such as brackets and screws. Also there is the option of an inside mount (inside the window frame) or an outside mount (outside of the window frame), which you should choose before ordering based on how you want your dark shutter to look when mounted.

Colour - there are lots of different dark blinds to choose from, not necessarily in conventional dark colours such as blacks, blues, or dark greens or reds. Pick a colour that suits the rest of your room, and consider what it will look like in the context of your room design before buying.

Size - the size of the blind you will need depends on the size of the window and window frame it is going to be attached to, so be sure to measure accurately the width and height before ordering your dark blind.

Roller type - blinds can be rolled up in a roller or to the size or top in vertical or horizontal strips. Make sure you know which type the blind is that you are buying as each will look different when the blind is not down during the day.

Motorization - blinds can be automated with a motor, providing a button or remote control that automatically pulls up or down a blind for ease of use. Consider if this is a feature that you desire, and if so look for a blind with the appropriate technology.

Cord - there is nothing worse than a dark blind with a tricky to use cord, so make sure the cord of your blind looks easy to function and is not cheap looking.

Look out for these features when purchasing your dark blind and you will end up with a better product that is more suited to your needs.

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