When Doors Get in the Way

While doors are necessary for privacy in a home, sometimes they just get in the way of living. Rooms with too many doors leave little space for furnishings or artwork or even a clear definition of how the room should be used.
If you have an interior set of French Doors, for instance, and you need them for part-time privacy, but find opening them is troublesome--even for a full view of a great vista or just to keep an eye on the kids at play-- consider removing the hinges and hanging the doors on barn door sliders. Doing so will take up virtually no space within the interior living space, yet give you the necessary privacy when you need to close off the room from household noise or make the room a more comfortable, temporary guest room.
Sliding doors inside a home are a practical way to have your privacy and space at the same time. If you have acceptable doors already, you don't need to invest in much more than some wood putty, some paint or stain and the sliding mechanism to mount on the wall. Sliding doors can be a great solution for many situations. For instance, if a pocket door is not feasible, then sliders are a good remedy. The door can be practically anything, including a barn door!
Depending on the need, you can use a solid or hollow core door, flat or paneled, and it can be stained or painted. A plain door can be a great place to use as a backdrop for artwork, or a message board or blackboard. A sliding door can be the art in the room as well; you will find some great glass doors in your local window and door retailers. Is your pantry door always in the way? Just put it on sliders. Need to close off a part of a room that you don't want to lose space to a conventional door, again think sliders.; but do think of the material that would enhance the room or space. Salvage yards will have fantastic centuries-old doors to add a little history to your home, whether it is a custom built or tract house; everyone wants something a bit out of the ordinary.
If you are fixing up your home for re-sale, you could make a great impression with a sliding door used in a unique way; your house would be the one that is remembered in the sea of houses that today's buyers are considering.

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