Railings to Suit All of Your Requirements

It is not difficult to find a specialist manufacturer, supplier and installer of railings, but you need to think about what you are looking for. You will find companies that can design and make high quality steel made products and give a full and comprehensive professional service for anyone who needs a tailored solution to their needs. Firstly, look for a company that provides a service that covers all aspects of the process from site survey to installation and one that also has an excellent after sales service. A free site survey is also a good thing to have as it will ensure your fences are manufactured to the highest possible standard and quality ensuring that they match your needs exactly. It is best to get a company that will also manage the installation of everything that they have manufactured.

Rails can be the perfect solution as a barrier or support in many different situations. Rail systems can be designed to suit private homes and can be designed for more formal business environments. As well as this they are obviously perfect for kids play areas. Sports grounds are another area where rails are often extremely practical solutions and can be designed and adapted for any particular sports surroundings. Whatever your specific need there will be a company available that should be able to find the best solution for you. From the smallest length of rail to a whole system you will be able to find a company that will be able to provide high standard and extremely durable rails that can be practical and stylish.

Rails generally come in three main categories. These are: solid and hollow vertical bar rails, bow top rails and spectator rails. Between them these three styles can provide many different combinations and solutions for your railing requirements.

Solid vertical bar rails and hollow vertical bar rails are the two most commonly used railing designs. They come in numerous varying thicknesses and designs. The solid and hollow vertical bar rails can be augmented with finials from a very good choice of styles that you can pick from. This will help to give the railings a unique look. Most good companies will also give the option of having a mitred end to either of these styles. The company you choose should be able to advise you on whether you should have solid or hollow bar vertical bar rails, both have their own particular benefits. The solid bar version is very sturdy and particularly durable. Hollow bars on the other hand can be made in much larger sizes and lengths at a much cheaper cost than could be done if made with the solid style. The hollow and solid designs both have the same outward appearance so it is possible to mix the two styles in one design solution having the solid rails where extra strength is needed.

Bow top railings are a traditional and very familiar style of railing. They can be supplied and installed in any variety of height and bar circumferences. Bow top rails are a great option for safety at venues such as kids play areas where safety and visibility are both important considerations.

Finally there are spectator railings. These are specially designed for sporting venues. They are manufactured from tough and lightweight tubular sections. Spectator rails are perfect for safely separating competitors and spectators at busy meetings.

Railings from Zaun provide flexible and durable railing solutions. The great design and strength of these railings will definitely impress.

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