Place of Carpets in Interior Decoration and Designing

Design interiors with suitable colors, textures and patters are the latest trend in the interior designing world. Flooring with suitable carpet provides an elegant looks to each and every corner of the rooms. Before investing one should be aware of the needs first. For example carpet in the kitchen may not be suitable for the office rooms. You must do some home works regarding the cost, designs, patterns and color of the prospective carpet. Choosing the right piece with good quality reduces your interior designing burdens and will become cost effective.

Different fibers are used to manufacture the carpets. Nylon, olefin (polypropylene), polyester, wools and silks are the major types of fibers used in the manufacturing. Among which woolen handmade pieces looks more stylish and natural than any other fiber made piece. Woolen made pieces offer luxury and durability also. This type of carpet is suitable for your living rooms and hall ways. Nylon type are also looks very fashionable and suitable for the domestic purposes. Most people prefer to nylon carpets; as it is easy to clean, wear resistance and cost effective. These are found suitable for the office indoors also. Olefin type never withstand heavy traffic; so it is not suitable for the heavy traffic areas. Polyester carpets are very luxurious but prone to permanently stained in the long run. Nylon carpets are more suitable for the home interiors. Silk, cotton and Iranian types are most commonly used by the luxurious people.

Office or industrial carpets should be strong, dirt resistant and long-lasting. They may wear off due to the rough use. Mud, dirt, coffee, tea etc may discolor the carpets easily. Grey and Beige colors will help to disguises the stains. Grey and brown color is the latest trend. While selecting the commercial carpets, give first preference to the durability and strength instead of color and designs. Select the 'static' electricity free variety. Excess sunlight may damage the appearance of the carpets.

In educational institutions carpets are widely used in teacher's and student's desks. Carpets are very useful for the kids, if the climate is snowy or wet. Carpets make the overall atmosphere nice and clean and when used in the schools and classrooms, it look really beautiful and attractive. But the life of carpet becomes lesser when used in the high traffic areas like classes, offices and reception areas due to frequent use. So high quality varieties with floor padding must be used at these places.

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