Interior Decorating - Kitchen - Get Your Thinking Caps On!

Planning your new, dream kitchen is a very exciting time. Interior decorating your kitchen is a very big job though, and it can be a very expensive job. So, don't waste your time and money. Discover the questions you need to ask yourself, before you start.

How do you want to use the kitchen?

Maybe you mostly eat out -- then your kitchen will not have to do much more than play host to simple cooking and washing up? Or, perhaps you love to cook, and need a state-of-the-art oven and hob, plenty of work-space, storage space, and a fine eating area? Is the kitchen the hub of your family home? A place to socialise? Supervise homework? Or even, to work from home?

How long is the project likely to take?

The length of time your kitchen re-design project will take, does very much depend on the full scope of your plans. You will need to factor in the time taken by your preferred suppliers and kitchen installers -- or your own motivation, spare time and DIY skills. As a rule of thumb, for a professionally installed, full kitchen re-design, you should allow around 3-5 months.

How much should your kitchen project cost?

In the UK, estate agents estimate that a new kitchen can add around 5% to the value of your home. This means it is a sensible idea to budget no more than this amount on your project. For example, if your home is worth £200,000, plan to spend £10,000 or less on your new kitchen. Don't feel like you have to spend this amount, though -- look on this as a maximum! Check for bargains, sales and ex-display kitchens all year round. January is usually the best time to get a good deal -- so consider waiting until the start of the year to get a good price.

What appliances do you need?

Your kitchen is only as good as its appliances, from a practical viewpoint. Think about the appliances you actually need in your kitchen. Could some be housed elsewhere? A garage? A laundry room or utility room? Can you afford to buy all new appliances? Remember to include the cost of appliances in your 5% guideline budget.

Do you want free-standing or integrated appliances? Integrated appliances give a lovely, streamlined, fitted feel, and are very appealing to prospective house purchasers. Having said that, you might prefer free-standing appliances, if you plan on taking your kitchen appliances with you, if you move house.

What about your kitchen lighting?

Your kitchen lighting needs to be functional, as well as welcoming. Include task lighting -- for tasks such as food preparation, cooking and washing up. Use overall lighting, or mood lighting -- to create a relaxed feel for eating. Consider a combination of spotlights, under-cabinet lighting, wall lamps, and a pull-down pendant lamp positioned over the table. This should easily cover all possible lighting eventualities!

Choose your Kitchen Style

Take a little time to browse through brochures and showrooms, to choose your ultimate style for your interior decorating kitchen project. Really consider the look you like, and note down your preferred paint colors, wood finishes, cupboard style, counter tops etc.

Good planning at an early stage will make sure that you get your dream kitchen -- no hassle! Have fun deciding, and get that thinking cap on!

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