How To Bring Your Conservatory Into The 21st Century With 3 Simple Steps

A conservatory has for many years been a particularly attractive part of any house and it is widely accepted that a house that has a conservatory and which is up for sale isn't going to be on the market for too long.
Providing an array of different benefits, from that wonderful feeling of being able to take in the bright outdoors while staying warm through to the simple fact of giving you, in effect, a whole extra room in your house, there aren't many people around the country who don't want a house without a conservatory.
One of the main issues that people have with conservatories is that because they were extremely popular throughout the 1980s and 1990s, it is far too easy to fall into the rut of decorating and furnishing your conservatory in a way that is 10 or 20 years behind current styles, irrelevant of how modern the rest of your house may be.
Fortunately, it's becoming increasingly easier to solve this problem and by following these three steps, you can ensure that you bring your conservatory into the 21st century.
1. Ditch the wicker furniture - one of the staple items of any conservatory for many years has been a wicker furniture suite. Although they can no doubt bring more of an outdoor feel into the conservatory, they are extremely ageing and you're likely to be surprised at just how more modern your conservatory looks when you take this furniture out.
A great tip to keep in mind when replacing the furniture is not to think of the conservatory as a conservatory, but as a second dining room or living room, as if you buy furniture for this purpose, your conservatory will instantly look more modern.
2. Take a look at conservatory blinds - as mentioned above, a great way to make a conservatory appear more modern is to think of it - and use it as - another dining room or living room.
To assist with this, take a look at having some high quality conservatory blinds installed, as you can then easily change the look of the conservatory from a traditional conservatory when the blinds are open to a modern looking dining or living room at night when the conservatory blinds are closed.
3. Light up the room - using the correct lighting in any situation can have a substantially positive impact and this without doubt applies to conservatories.
Try and avoid bright, harsh lighting and rely more on several softer lights, located around the room, utilizing natural light through quality conservatory blinds wherever possible.
Everyone will use their conservatory in different ways, but however you use yours, it's important that you feel properly comfortable when doing so, which for many often means being able to relax or entertain in a modern looking room.
Transforming your conservatory from an older looking part of the house to a modern room may not be something that you can do overnight, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune, as shown in the three points mentioned here.

Tom Saunders is a specialist who researches the latest conservatory blinds products.

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