6 Home Improvement Tips For Every Homeowner

Unless you're super-rich, your home will be the largest single investment that you'll make in your lifetime. During the time that you own it, you'll undertake small and large projects to keep it clean and organized, and to improve the way it looks. Naturally, you'll want to accomplish these things in the most efficient and cost effective manner. In this article, I've set out to share a handful of beneficial tips that are worth considering as you strive to make your home a safe, healthy, and beautiful sanctuary. I'll start with two big tips for those thinking of remodeling their kitchens.
  • Think twice about open concept kitchens. Though they are very fashionable right now, many people who used to have a closed kitchen are regretting their decision to open things up. They discover that the noise from the kitchen makes it difficult to hold a conversation in the living room. On the other hand, the chef might not like the sound of the television blaring. Many people also miss the ability to have a "behind the scenes" area when they entertain.
  • Work your joint compound (mud) properly when installing drywall. "Mud" is used to cover nail holes, seams and gaps. In order to prevent the mud from setting, constantly work it throughout the job. To ensure that you are distributing it evenly, always wipe the knife sides on the edge of the pan. Remember to work the wiped-off mud back into the rest so that it won't set and create harder particles that will crumble back into the mud you're using. The hardened particles will create very noticeable streaking when you spread it on the drywall. By utilizing a metal non-warping mud pan rather than a plastic one, you'll be able to keep it working a lot more easily and you'll have a more even application result.
Two Tips That Will Prevent Long-Term Frustration
  • Sit in the bathtub prior to purchasing it. A big store can make a bathtub look larger or smaller than it truly is. The best way to decide if it's the right size for you (aside from measuring it, of course) is to climb in. This way, when you install it and take your first soothing bubble bath, you'll know that it will be deep enough, wide enough, and long enough for your comfort. Don't forget to make certain that your bathroom is large enough to house it!
  • Keep heat sources and refrigerators at opposite ends of the kitchen. If you're planning to remodel your kitchen, you'll conserve energy and lengthen the life of your kitchen appliances by keeping your cooling appliances and heating appliances away from one another. They'll only have to work harder to compensate for the activity of the other one if they're too close together. This will cause them to burn out faster and will use a lot more energy.
Two Little Tips That Will Save You Time And Money
  • Clear out your garage completely prior to reorganizing it. Before you organize all your possessions for storage in your garage, move it all out onto the driveway and then go through everything. You'll save a lot of time and find storage much simpler when you've de-cluttered and have thrown away or donated the items that you won't want anymore. There is no point storing trash, defective items, and things you'll never use.
  • Hang your brooms to extend their life. Standing your brooms on their bristles causes their shape to warp, which makes them less effective over time. No matter how good the broom, you'll make it harder to use, and cut its life short by storing it that way. Instead, hang it from a hook or get a broom holder to keep its bristles in good shape.

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