Tips on Decorating Your Home With Contemporary Area Rugs

There are a number of different ways to change the overall look and feel of a room. A lick of paint or a new ornament can change the atmosphere or add a whole new style, but a rug can change the way any room looks completely. Contemporary rugs are an option for people who want to change the way their room looks, without changing the flooring as a whole. Area rugs cover a certain amount of your floor, but not the whole thing. They can look great, if placed correctly, and they'll not only alter the style but have a lasting impact, too.
A well-placed rug can make a room seem smaller or larger. Both of these effects are equally valuable, in different situations, and they can both be achieved with the right contemporary area rug. Spotted rugs can make a room feel particularly spacious, whilst rugs with stripes often have an opposite effect, drawing a room in to make it look cosier.
The material used to create a rug can also play a part in the effect it has on a room. Natural and synthetic fibers are both used to make rugs nowadays, and they come in a range of sizes as well. The best way to decide on a contemporary area rug would be to choose your rug based on the impact you want it to have. If you want your rug to be a focal point, you'll need to choose a bold or dark colour. If you want a rug that draws attention to another piece of furniture, you'll want something that fits underneath your existing furniture without being too bright or colourful.
Using more than one area rug, you can define regions and boundaries within your room. A rug placed in the centre of a corner sofa's angle can create a defined living space, and a second one under a dining table can split the two rooms apart. The beauty of rugs in your home lies in the fact that a plan to re-arrange a room can involve a quick shuffle of the rugs to fit them into new positions. With contemporary area rugs, you can make a certain part of your room stand out, or remove it from the focus. Always remember to keep an eye on rugs, though - they can be slippery things, and it's best to use a rug pad to keep them in their place.

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