Positioning Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Wall mounted fireplaces are the perfect option for your home or business for a few different reasons. If you are looking for a sensational piece of art that's actually as functional as it is beautiful, one of these types of fireplaces are definitely it!
Why Wall Mounted?
Every room of any size or theme needs a focal point. Sometimes buying a captivating piece of art just doesn't do the trick! Wall fireplaces give yourself and your guests a place for your eyes to comfortably come to rest once they have scanned the room.
These are also the safest types of fireplaces if you have small children or pets in the home. You never have to worry about fingers or paws being burned after a toy or a ball rolls too close. Wall mounted fireplaces are up and out of the way at a safe height where they don't become a temptation.
Of course, one of the greatest benefits offered by wall fireplaces is that they provide warmth. Regardless if you choose an electric, gel or biofuel fireplace, it will offer your room a significant amount of heat without compromising air quality.
Where to Place Them
Many people think about getting a wall mounted fireplace but then they just are lost and confused when it comes to placement. This is really going to come down to the size and layout of your room as well as which type of unit you buy.
A huge determining factor will be if the one you choose is electric or not. Although no venting is required, you will need an electrical outlet to plug the fireplace into. If you choose gel or biofuel, you have the freedom to put these anywhere you like.
The next thing that you want to consider is scale. A small wall fireplace is going to look slightly out of place on a large vacant wall while an extra-large one will dwarf a small wall. Sure, you may have your eye on that long, six burner stainless steel and black fireplace but if you don't have the proper size wall to display it, it's not going to look so exquisite.
Height is the last thing that you want to consider. Wall fireplaces should be at eye level. Any lower and it can make a room look short and get in the way, any higher and guests will have a sore neck having to look up so far to enjoy it.
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