Indoor Air Quality

Are you a homeowner? What about a parent? If either answer was yes, then I have news for you. The indoor air quality of your home could be putting your home and health in danger - especially if there is a new born in the house. Poor indoor air quality can be the cause of many different things and the effects are far less than desirable. The worst is, did you know that poor air quality could be a reflection of a far larger problem?
Also referred to as IAQ, indoor air quality can be the cause of a few different things. Mold, bacteria, and gas are just a few of the big names that can pollute your IAQ. All of these are hazardous to your health - especially if you have asthma.
Mold may be considered the most common home invader. It is fairly easy to avoid, but it can be quite the pain to get rid of once it is already in the building. Often times mold can mean the demolition of entire walls if not taken care of in time. The frustrating thing about mold is that the problem will only continue to spread if left untreated. Not only that but it is often times in places where you cannot see it! The fungus can be the cause of a leaky pipe, moisture, improper ventilation, etc. The general idea is that mold is always linked to moisture in any form. It could be because the dry wall did not dry fast enough or it could be because of moisture is getting into cracks in the building. No matter what the cause, just know that mold is NOT something you want in your home. On top of health hazards, moulds are very detrimental to a building's foundation. The foundation can become unsafe and deteriorate over time all because of unwanted mold/moisture.
The way to rid (or remediate) mold is by first having your indoor air quality tested. There are infrared tests that are capable of virtually pinpointing where the problem areas are even if not visible to the naked eye. If a problem is found, then remediate procedures are necessary to bring your air quality back up to desirable conditions.
If you feel that your building may have poor IAQ, it is highly urged to have your building tested. Things like Carbon Monoxide, Radon, and Mold, are not things you want to make roommates with. In order to guarantee your living space is safe, have your indoor air quality tested and consider other preventative maintenance techniques like dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and duct cleaning.

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