Different Types of Bathroom Floor Tiles

Everyone starts his or her day by getting fresh in the bathroom and taking a bath thereafter; therefore, we should make sure that bathroom does not look dull and unattractive. If your bathroom looks dull and unappealing then it is the time to remodel it with bathroom floor tiles.
Floor of the bathroom can add real beauty to it. In few hours, you can give your bathroom a new look. Moreover, you do not need to spend bigger amount of money in the whole process. Bathroom floor tiles are available for very cost-effective prices. Moreover, they are available in so many colors and patterns making you to establish the best color combination between floor and walls.
Many factors must be considered while selecting tiles for your bathroom. Listed below are those factors:
Bathroom space
Bathroom floor tiles must be water resistant, non-slippery, bright, and durable. A large variety of bathroom tiles is available in the market. You can easily choose the best one from them. Listed below are some of the types of bathroom floor tiles:
Ceramic: These are the best tiles for bathroom floor. They are durable, safe, water resistant, non-slippery, tough, and stunning. Installing them will give you appealing bathroom, which will make you day. You can select different shapes and colors of these tiles to fit them in your bathroom. Moreover, you can cut them in desired shapes to make your own pattern. What can be better than this that you can use them to create any design? Consider selecting these tiles for better bathroom in place of old and dirty bathroom.
Mosaic: After ceramic tiles, the number comes for mosaic tiles. These tiles are another good option to renovate the bathroom floor. This flooring material adds exceptional beauty to bathroom. Moreover, it gives spacious look to small area because of its shiny nature.
Granite or marble: If you want to give natural look to the flooring of your bathroom then nothing can be better than granite or marble tiles. However, these tiles are bit costly but if you want natural look then you have to compromise with the price. See, you only have to compromise with the price not with the quality. These tiles are superbly durable, tough, and water resistant. One time installation is enough for many years, say 20 years i.e. you do not need to install them again for coming 20 years or more.

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