How to Light a Bedroom On A Budget

Bedroom renovation and redesigning can be expensive enough. Home décor, accent furniture and bedding materials can all cost a pretty penny. But when lighting fixtures come into play, the price can easily go through the roof. Use this guide to budget friendly lighting and you'll be sure to get the best design for your bedroom as well as the best lighting design to go along with it.
Why throw out those old fixtures when you can reuse the old ones? Sometimes a mix and match of paint can transform any old and tired ballast. Even if it's broken, a little rewiring and a new ballast can fix a broken light on the cheap. Pendant lights are often a great way to light any kitchen. Retro lighting wiring is often frayed and rotted beyond practical use. Rewiring them with a new $5 visible wire kit from your local home improvement center can save big bucks on recycled ballasts.
Recycling Lights Tip: It's a good idea to find recycled lamps and fixtures that are in working order. Florescent light ballasts are particularly vulnerable to rewiring problems. It's best to let heavily damaged light fixtures alone.
Electrical Contractor Supply Stores
Your electrician is more than just the person who installs your lights. They also sell fixtures and other lighting equipment direct from the factory. Because a lighting contractor has access to a lighting contractor supply company, they are given better deals on everything from ceiling light fans to wire nuts. Always check with your electrician before you impulse shop at the local lighting section of that big chain warehouse. Contrast and compare prices. Sometimes the big stores have good deals; sometimes they don't.
Electrical Contractor Tip: Look for sales from the big chain stores that will undersell the competitor's flyers. Bring in your electrical contractors bid and get the ultimate deal.
Doing it yourself
DIY might not be the best idea for electrical work; in fact, it's downright dangerous. That's why it's in your best interest to hire an electrician. But you can still do some of the work yourself; but only if the electrical contractor agrees first. Installing outlet boxes, pulling wires, hanging wall sconces, cleaning up trash and fetching supplies are all cost reducing strategies that can allow you to get the cheapest bedroom lighting design possible, without sacrificing on quality.
Do it Yourself Tip: Never attempt any electrical work on your own. Not only is it dangerous, it can also be illegal. Also, if your house burns down from an electrical fire you created, your insurance won't cover it.

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