Top Tips on Decorating Your Conservatory


For those of you who have successfully constructed your DIY conservatories, its completion can give you a real sense of pride. Even if you decided to go down the professional route, standing in your newly completed room is an exciting prospect. The structure is safe and secure, the windows and frames are in place and the natural light is filling the room, the only thing now left to do is to get the décor right.

There are many different options when it comes to furnishing and decorating your new conservatory. There is also quite a lot to take in to consideration. Floor type, blinds, lighting, plants, furniture, wall colour. These are all important elements in getting the atmosphere of your room just right. When making your decisions you should think carefully about what function your conservatory is going to serve, whether it will a sun room, dining room or office etc. When building DIY conservatories it is advantageous to build toward these functions in advance.

Due to its nature, a conservatory will experience a great degree of temperature change, exposure to natural light and condensation levels. Your furniture must be able to cope with this all year round. The best types of furniture for dealing with such conditions are rattan, cane and metal. Rattan and cane wicker furniture is a lot lighter, can be easily moved and helps to give the room a more outdoors feel. Metal furniture can be softened by cushions and throws and can offer a more modern feel. Matching furniture with outdoor patio furniture can be a good way of creating a true extension of your garden and bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors.

When choosing flooring you must also carefully consider the usage of the room. If you are intending to use it as a bridge between the garden and indoors you would be advised to go for hard wearing floors that are easy to clean. As the room is likely to experience a lot of foot traffic from the garden, a tiled floor that can withstand the dirt is going to be a lot easier to maintain than a carpeted floor. Alternatively, if you intend to use the room as a more exclusive dining room or office you will choose differently. If you have sufficient double glazing and blinds to reduce condensation and strong sunlight, then a luxurious carpet or pine finish can look fantastic.

In addition to your blinds, additional lighting is also important in defining the right ambience, should you want the room to feel relaxing and subdued or brighter and more vibrant. Youll be amazed at how differently your furniture can feel within the space under different lighting.

Think about focal points as well as rugs and plants and other personal touches to finish the décor nicely.

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