Landscaping Designs For Your Backyard

To the majority of Americans, backyard landscape designs are sort of a new thing. Most of them have a boring and a non-descript backyard that, in more than one way, resembles their neighbors.
Granted, backyard landscaping tends to be a little more complicated than front yard landscaping but this is no reason to leave backyards unkempt.
Front yards generally follow a purpose of invitation and accessibility. The notion behind this is that the front lawn will initially be seen by people before they enter the house and thus it should be inviting and direct the guests easily through the front door. The same however, cannot be said for the back yard. Backyard landscape designs tend to centre on appearance and appeal for entertaining and relaxing with friends. This is the simplest reason why backyard landscape designs are gaining so much popularity these days.
Before you decide to take on landscaping, you must remember that everything in this project needs careful planning and decision making. While most consider landscaping as a way of leveling the ground, it is also another way of revamping your garden and giving it a brand new look.
Before you can commence on backyard landscaping or any other landscaping for that matter, you need to do a thorough assessment. Be honest about what you see. When it comes to backyard landscaping, look at your home garden objectively and judge it as if it belonged to your neighbor. This exercise is encouraged above all else because it portrays landscaping, not only as an art that requires imagination but also as a science that requires observation and data collection.
After the assessment, you are now free to choose the style that best suits your garden. The style you adopt should be based on the prior assessment that you carried out.
Many people prefer hiring landscapers to do this for them. However, if you're the kind of person who takes pride in designing his own home then here are some tips that might be of interest to you.
It is almost impossible to talk about backyard landscape designs without mentioning plants. In this text I will mention designs that are friendly for all types of backyards.
To begin with there is the Holly, Coral Bell and Yew design.This simple design easily embellishes and adds flavor to your yard. It especially has a reputation for bringing out the best features in your garden specifically the eastern side. These plants have been known to send subtle messages of warmth throughout the year and hence can be spotted flourishing in many back yards.
There are also landscape designs for sun perennials. This design is very useful if you're looking to fill a hot sunny area of your backyard. Many landscapers recommend it as a fun sun specialist that requires very little watering. They say it is easy to set up and will provide color from spring to fall and even into the winter.
There are also landscape designs that are meant to hide ugly foundation walls. In backyard landscaping, plants have been used to create an environment of solitude and hide unwanted features such as unwanted landscaping rocks and unpleasant foundations. Such a design uses only two plants that are perennials namely; the Burning bush and the Globe blue spruce.
The Globe blue spruce is used because it stays the same color throughout the year while the Burning bush, which is green in spring and the summer, has been known to explode and become bright red in the fall. These plants act as perfect camouflages and they obscure any areas that you may feel are unpleasant and wanting.
Lastly, there is also a landscape design for specimen plants. These backyard landscape designs are meant to highlight a particular tree or bush that you love. Many adopt this design for Crabapple trees and burning bushes although it can be used for any plant that you adore.
The trick with landscaping is in your skills. Try as much as possible to become familiar with the principles of backyard designs and keep in mind that the style you choose will determine the level of beauty of your backyard.

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