Kitchen Design Trends to Consider for Your RTA Cabinet Project

The recent downturn in the economy and increasing gas prices has many families rediscovering the joy of entertaining friends and family at home. Cooking shows are popular and many people have realized there was an aspiring gourmet chef hidden inside them just waiting to get out. Kitchen design is benefiting from this trend and many new kitchens have features that were unheard of in most homes not that long ago.
Gourmet Upgrades for your Kitchen Cabinetry Project
You don't have to be an aspiring gourmet chef or do a lot of entertaining to benefit from these upgrades - they can make just cooking for your family a lot more fun. A few upgrades to consider:
Prep sinks - wouldn't it be handy to have a second sink over where you do your food preparation? Many families are adding small sinks near their cook-tops or ranges to cut down on walking and make it easier to wash food or fill pots. If you have plumbing available, all you need are a RTA cabinet sink base, a small sink, and a gooseneck faucet that pots can fit under with ease.
Beverage coolers - whether you have a lot of guests or just like having cold drinks while watching the afternoon game, a beverage cooler can free up room in your refrigerator. Several manufacturers have wine and beverage coolers that slide right under the counter and become a part of your kitchen design. When planning your RTA cabinet layout, remember to allow room and have an electrician install an under-counter outlet.
Oven cabinets - If you do a lot of baking, you know how tough it can be on your back to lift heavy trays in and out of your range's oven. A separate oven installed in a RTA oven cabinet gives your back a break and puts that baking cake up at eye level.
These upgrades, and the many other kitchen design options available with RTA cabinets, may allow you to free your inner gourmet chef - even if it's just for your own family.

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