Join the Gold Rush With These Golden Mosaic Tiles

Gold is a chemical element that has fascinated human beings ever since its discovery. Some of the most beautiful and pertinent expressions ever uttered have been related to gold. Gold is something lustrous, radiant and shimmering in its physical form. No wonder it has been used to describe visions of heaven, symbolism of human glory, and superb wealth. That is why people say "... she's as good as gold" or "... don't miss a golden opportunity"... So, the question I ask is, can you ever have enough gold?
Now with the Gold Rush Mosaic Tiles Collection - a fabulous range of luxury mosaic tiles inspired by the precious metals gold, silver and bronze - you can create an opulent and luxurious interior design right in your own home, and get that Goldfinger effect! This collection speaks volumes, saying "Quality", "Luxury" and "Bling" like nothing else...
Two designs carry a definite luxury designer price-tag - Kasba and Eastern Light - as they contain real gold! However, used sparingly in a border for instance, you can add subtle highlights to your decor without busting the budget! Kasba is a randomly patterned mixture of bronze, gunmetal with real gold. Eastern Light is made from 24 carat gold leaf, ripple-textured and encased in glass, giving an overall look of beaten gold.
Other designs provide a much more affordable solution to your interior design plans, without compromising on style or quality, or blowing the budget either! You can really make an impressive statement by going for gold and covering an entire wall or shower area. So you can bask in the warm glow from a living room wall or bathe in a luxurious and opulent bathroom setting.
Take a close up view of Precious and Opulence... They are like a treasure chest of jewels and coins. Both Bullion and Medina look as if they are worth their weight in real gold and incidentally, are a more cost-effective way of having a whole wall or panel clad in gold. Finally, Paparazzi, Byzantium Gold and Byzantium Gem are extravagant and shiny examples of this range.
The Gold Rush Mosaic Tiles Collection is not only for private homes, however. This collection of mosaic tiles would be an amazing addition to the d├ęcor of expensive hotels and boardrooms.

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