Getting Furniture for a Brown-Colored Bedroom

You may be skeptical at first with brown but you will actually find it a more interesting color than it seems. You can use its dark shades or other colors as accents against its light tones. It is also an elegant neutral color for a bedroom.
If you want to have more life and style for your brown- colored walls, you should combine it with other colors so the room does not look bland and boring.
Aside from blue, other colors can blend well with brown. The following are some of those hues, which match well with brown:
  • If you want to follow the advice of Feng Shui experts, get chocolate-brown hues for your bedroom walls and pair them up with robin egg blue wallpapers and furniture. With this color combination, the elements of water and wood are present in the room, meaning that the place will be full of life and freshness. Since blue resembles water and brown wood, it can be compared to watering a plant. The water replenishes the plant just as the blue color sustains the brown hue.
  • Speaking of plants, you can also mix brown with green. Green is the color of prosperity and its combination with brown will bring life and prosperity in the room, too. Green also helps ease tiredness from your body and your eyes. You can paint faint shades of green on your brown walls or put green wallpaper against it.
  • Brown can also be paired with another neutral color. However, you may want to choose dirty white and not the pure clean white color.
  • For other color combination's with brown, choose autumn hues like beet red, orange, and light yellow. Gray and dark purple are also good combination's for brown.
Choosing furniture and fixtures for brown colored bedrooms
  • If you want an all brown theme for your bedroom, vary the shades so that the room does not look monotonous. You can have light brown on your walls and have your furniture in dark brown shades or the other way around.
  • You should accent your decorations with white hues. For example, have white frames for your paintings and photos. You can also have white pillows on your bed and sofa.
  • You may want to have brown leather chairs, too. Not only are they comfortable, they are also durable materials. Choose a dark color to contrast your light brown walls.
  • You can also have a velvety sofa aside from a leather chair.
  • Chenille is also a soft material you can opt to have aside from velvet and leather in your bedroom.
  • You may also want to have wicker baskets in the room made of bamboo and rattan. These are perfect accentuation's and are helpful in storage purposes.
  • If you have wicker materials, pair them up with rattan blinds. If you opt to stick with curtains and drapes, choose cream colors.
  • Opt for wooden furniture. You can choose from real wood and lacquer wood. Real wood further subdivides into softwood and hardwood.
  • Soft red area rugs add warmth and coziness to the room.
  • Get plants for the room to add freshness and life in the bedroom. You may also want to pair your indoor plants with floral drapes and bed sheets. Citrus yellow is also a good color to pair with brown.
  • If you are to bring plants into your room, choose ones that need minimum sunlight and infrequent watering. Though you may be a busy person, these plants would not die on you.
  • If you do not want to paint blue and brown colors on your walls, you can just have wallpapers of the said colors against the brown walls.
  • Since brown rooms are warm and cozy, you can have scented candles around to enhance warmth and coziness and add some romance as well.
Brown is a neutral color so it can fit both modern and traditional room styles. You will surely find furniture that you can pair with it and decorations that can give life to your bedroom.

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