Factors To Be Considered When Shopping For Bathroom Tiles

When shopping for bathroom tiles, one needs to consider certain factors like size of one's bath area, location of the home and use of the bathroom. Let's take each factor and discuss its role in choosing a perfect flooring material for bathroom.
The first factor is size of the bath area. Tiles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are large two feet by two feet tiles and also there are small oval shaped pieces. Large pieces are suitable for oversized bathrooms while small slabs are just perfect for medium sized rooms. Covering large surfaces with small slabs is neither economical nor practical. Laying small pieces on large surface means there will be more joints on the floor. On the other hand large pieces can cover large surfaces with minimum joints. These joints required to be filled with grout hence more joints means more work.
The location of the house also plays a crucial role in choosing bathroom tiles. Homes located near beach brave saline air. This air is harmful for flooring material, fixtures and even the wood work in the homes. If you are living close to a beach then search for the flooring material that can withstand saline moisture. Another problem that beach homes face is moist environment. Your flooring material should have water resistance capacity otherwise you will have to remodel your bathroom floor more often than others.
The length of period for which a bathroom is functional or the number of people using the bath area has a direct impact on the quality of the flooring material. A bathroom that is used by several persons is more likely to remain wet throughout the day; however, a bathroom that is used by few persons is likely to remain dry throughout the day. Bathroom tiles need to be grouted and sealed properly for protection against water, soap residue and mild detergents found in shampoos and dies. If your bathroom is used more than normal then look for slabs that have excellent water resistance power and also seal those slabs correctly.
Bathroom tiles should be anti-skid so that can walk freely over the bath and shower area. Grouting and sealing may make the tiles slippery when they are wet. One should mop up the extra water and moisture from the bathroom floor prior to entering into the bath area. This exercise should be repeated after prior to leaving the bath area.

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