Choices in Twin Size Comforters

Buying twin size comforters can be a lot of fun. First, you have to decide who the comforter is going to be used by. For instance, if the comforter is going to be used by a child, then you would obviously opt for one that is colorful and vibrant. You will also want to make sure that the choice you make is washable. Sometimes, twin comforters are the best option for college students who are heading off to the dorms as well as for use in a guest bedroom on the spare bed.
Not every company makes a purely twin size comforter, choosing instead to offer one that is marked as a twin/full comforter. It will technically fit both beds perfectly well but will have a little more fullness on all sides on the smaller, twin size bed. The benefit is that you can change the bed size without changing the size of the comforter, which is often the most expensive item of bedding.
Most twin comforters can come in a variety of materials- from down to suede to the alternative materials that offer the look and performance of the naturals without some of the problems that you might have with them. For instance, you cannot throw down or suede into the washing machine. Some of the down alternatives can be machine washed without shrinking or clumping. There are fewer problems with allergies for these as well.
If you buy a twin comforter for the child's tastes right now, be prepared for a major change in only a few months. Today, his favorite cartoon character is from one show but three weeks from now, that is a "baby" show and he wants nothing at all to do with it, including his "baby" blanket. It is far wiser and more cost effective to buy one that has a solid color or pattern rather than a character or specialized theme. If you choose wisely and care for the comforter correctly, you could, in theory, make that one purchase last until college or beyond. Special note here, if you remember anything at all of your dorm room experiences, you might choose to allow the old comforter to make the trip instead of springing for a new one. Wait until your student moves into an apartment to start buying new items.
Look at the care label, and steer clear of any dry clean only items for children under the age of 25. And, because it will find its way into your living room or family room from time to time, make sure that all twin size comforters in your home are at least fairly pleasant to look at.

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