How to Put on a Duvet Cover and More

Duvet covers are coming to the rescue! Not only do they protect our beloved down comforters from horrible juice stains and our dogs muddy paw prints but they are also very convenient to wash. Remove the comforter and throw it in the wash, that simple. But what exactly do we need to know about the comforter cover before finally making the big purchase. There are two important factors you will need to know. The size and how to put one on the famous cover. The size of the bed is very important when making any bedding purchase. Whether the bed be a Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or California King. Purchasing anything too small for your bed will leave you very disappointed. Measuring the bed before making a purchase is always a smart idea.

What exactly would we need to begin measuring the bed? Simple: a paper, pencil, measuring tape and maybe some assistance. First start by keeping the measuring tape as flat as possible. Measure the mattress length from top to bottom. Next, place the measuring tape across the center and measure the mattress from left to right. Determine the "drop" of the bedding by placing the tape measure once again on the top edge of the mattress, where you stopped measuring for the width. Pull the tape measure down to the point where you would like the bedding to fall. Make sure to write down these measurements on the paper and have them handy when its time to make your purchase.

Once you have made the purchase, it is time to put on the famous comforter cover. It may not be as easy as putting a pillowcase on a pillow but it does not have to be difficult either, just as long as you follow these easy steps: First, turn the duvet cover inside out. Reach down into the cover and grab the top corners with each hand. Next, pick up two corners of the comforter with your hands still inside the cover. While holding tight to the top corners of the duvet cover and the comforter, flip and shake the duvet cover over the comforter. Pull down the sides of the cover if necessary and spread the bedding on the bed. Tuck in the bottom corners, fasten the cover close and you are done. Finish off the look with some matching sheets and a couple of decorative pillows.

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