How To Organize a Pantry in 3 Easy Steps

The Rewards of an Organized Pantry
If you're like a lot of busy people today, how to organize a pantry probably hasn't made your short list of things you'd like to do. This is too bad because a well-organized pantry makes meal planning easier, means you can find food easily, makes you a better cook, and saves you money by cutting out expired or duplicate items and more.
Here's 3 tops tips on how to organize a pantry the relatively easy way.
*Remember, tidying up is not organizing, because organizing includes a system of maintenance.
*The general principle is that if you return things to where they come from, you'll have solved 90% of your clutter problem in your home and pantry.
Getting Started: Categories and Things
*I don't have a pantry. You can substitute a makeshift pantry with an inexpensive bakers rack in your garage near where you enter the house. Store your excess plastics and paper products here, particularly if you buy in multiple quantities.
You can also target a kitchen cupboard and closed cabinet; and the big space on top of your refrigerator is handy, particularly if you place a deep portable shelf on it.
*Empty the Pantry. If it's been awhile since you even attempted to organize, you'll want to empty the space completely so you can see what items you want to keep and organize.
*Divide your foods into categories. Before you choose shelving and other organizational tools, you should have a good idea of what you are keeping in there as well as what you would like to. The 9 most commonly used categories are:
"Baking supplies, Canned vegetables, Condiments, Flavor enhancers, Pasta and sauces, Rice and Potatoes, Snacks, Soda and water and Soups." [Source: Professional organizer, Regina Leeds, Organized Life, Da Capo Press, 2008, p.38]
Clean and Purge
It's too easy to wind up with some very out of date products and duplicates in your pantry. You would be amazed how these items can pile up!
Wash or dust all shelves and if your pantry is the walk in type take the time to sweep and mop as well. Once your pantry's restocked, it'll be impossible to clean thoroughly. When you've finished, you can see what type of pantry organizers you'll need.
Choose Panty Organizers
When figuring out how to organize a pantry you may be thinking that organizers are all large and expensive. Even a set of clear canisters can be considered an organizing tool, plus they help keep flour, sugar, cereal and other items fresh for a much longer time. Here's a few more organizers by way of example.
*Label markers are time and memory savers and are handy for when in-laws comes. You don't have to know or remember where things go; you just have to be able to read the tags on the shelves or the clear plastic containers with lids.
*Shelf dividers were originally created for closets, but work their miracles in pantries, too. They'll keep the categories straight and the potato chips and pretzels from spilling over into the soups.
*Shelf creators are 3 tier organizers which create storage space for canned goods, and soups and veggies. They come in all sizes, are made of wood, plastic or mesh and can be purchased at Wal-Mart.
*Stool with 2 Steps. Most people don't use the top shelf thinking no one can reach it. With a 2 step stool, you can also reach the top of the frig we mentioned above for even more storage. They're inexpensive and fold flat.
*Finally, you can also invest in soup racks, door hangers, under shelf wire racks and more to organize and identify your items. The contents of your particular pantry will dictate which implements to purchase.
Final Thoughts: Owner 3, Clutter 0
As you can see, what seems like an insurmountable task can be broken down into three simple steps. Of course, actually completing each step may take a little time depending on how large and packed the area is. Best of all, at the end of the day, you'll have a beautiful pantry that is much more functional and cost savings.

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